Prompt plumber services for Brunswick residents

NLK Plumbing is a family owned business that is proud to be the local plumbing hero of Melbourne. We service the entire metropolitan area including both businesses and residential clients in Brunswick. Older, cottage style homes and weatherboard houses are popular in this area and we have worked on our fair share of burst pipes or ceiling leaks. Our team has the local experience required to offer responsible plumber work in Brunswick. Our goals are efficiency, risk and damage minimization and affordability, because in our experience this combination equates to happy customers time after time.

In an emergency, the best defense is a little preparation

As well as taking the necessary precautions to prevent blocked drains Brunswick, burst pipes and leaks in the first place, we always recommend keeping details of an emergency plumber Brunswick in a convenient location that you will remember in a panic. On the fridge or in a documents folder is a good idea. If you have little or no plumbing knowledge, then the best thing to do at the first sign of a problem is to get on the phone to ensure someone will be on the scene as soon as possible. The faster we can begin work, the less significant the damage will be.

Are noticing frequent blocked drains in your Brunswick home or office?

The odd blockage could happen for any number of superficial reasons, but a recurrence suggests you are dealing with a bigger problem here. It could be that there are tree roots interfering with subterranean pipes, or that your drain usage habits need some attention and change. There are any number of things that could factor into the problem, but our team will methodically inspect the premises and ask you a few quick questions to determine the cause.

Look no further for an ace hot water team in Brunswick

We are the doctors that are here to diagnose the symptoms of your hot water system Brunswick. Perhaps you have noticed that your pressure in your shower has dropped, or that the temperature is sporadic. Perhaps it has cut out altogether and you were left wondered what on earth happened. Whatever the issue, we will have it sorted. After working with the good, the bad and the ugly of hot water systems, we know what performs and what fails after a few years. If you want a reliable hot water system that requires minimal maintenance, let us know and we can lend you some advice.

Here at NLK Plumbing, we look forward to helping new customers with their plumbing woes. You will be pleasantly surprised by our friendly plumbers in Brunswick who go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. We always ensure customers understand what we have done with clear explanations, and are happy to offer any advice where required. One visit and you will be sold on our renowned service. Be sure to give us a call on 0404 803 333 to discuss your unique plumbing needs.

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